Thursday, October 27, 2016

Adriadne in Aeaea (review)

"Adriadne in Aeaea" is parser game written by Victor Ojuel for the 2016 interactive fiction competition. I had just finished playing Aether Apeiron, another game inspired by Greek mythology, but this is certainly the better of the two.

Adriadne is an aspiring priestess who before now has made, ahem, some bad personal choices. In order to become a priestess, and not settle for the position of her younger sister's hair dresser, Adriadne must solve a mystery to discover the origin of several sacred artifacts. Part mystery, part historical fiction, part comedy, the dialogue is smartly written and the game solidly coded. Nearly everything I tried elicited a unique and appropriate response.

The puzzles are easy, mostly there just for pacing. I never thought to type "hint" or look for a walk through. The locations descriptions are succinct, as is often the case in parser games. I hadn't noticed this game before now, so it was fun to stumble into something this well done that I might not have chosen based on the blurb alone.

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