Thursday, October 20, 2016

The God Device (review)

"The God Device" is a point and click story written by Andy Joel for the 2016 interactive fiction competition. The story is a pulp sci-fi action yarn about an average Jane who obtains a mysterious device from a stranger during a Trolley accident on another planet. Some powerful beings are after the device, which keeps Jane on the run, but thankfully she has enough time to put the thing in her storage locker, enjoy a drink at the bar, and flirt with some dude who turned out to be another bad agent.

The writing offered enough suspense to keep me going to three different sub-optimal endings (My top score was 8 out of 10, meaning I was near the end.) But it needs further editing. Dialogue feels contrived. Sentence structure is awkward. Lots of choice points makes this fun. Continued revisions would make it better.

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