Saturday, October 3, 2020

Stuff of Legend

 “Stuff of Legend” by Lance Campbell. This Glulx game came up at the top of a randomized list.  The blurb was strong enough to convice me to play. Strong opening message. Encouraging  “about” message. This first time author has been well tested by experienced writers and players. As it says in the blurb, the PC is an unemployed village idiot, working to become a knight.

The game is fun. Light comedy is a staple of interactive fiction, and is well suited for the form. The player tries various absurd things, and the game responds appropriately. In a few cases I was able to solve puzzles before even realizing they were puzzles. Several other NPC characters and farm animals with whom the PC can interact help bring the farm setting to life. The foolish PC causes a whirlwind of chaos. To become a knight, he must undo all that. I finished in about an hour, checking hints only once on a puzzle involving nest fabrication.

Looking forward to this author’s future work.

This game has been entered in the 26th annual interactive fiction competition.  More interactive fiction can be found at the interactive fiction database.

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  1. Hey Doug, thanks for your review and taking the time to play my game. It sounds like you had the player experience I was hoping you would have. And yes, that is in no small part to my talented beta testers.