Saturday, October 10, 2015

IF comp 20% done.

Ten days into the 2015 IF comp, and I've finished reviewing my 11th game.  Holy Cow, I never imagined I'd get through this many games in the entire competition season, let alone the first week.  With 44 games remaining to review, I doubt I'll get through all of them by the end of the judging period.  But maybe it will be a worthy goal to review all 55 games (54, with one removed) by the end of the year?  I'll try.  Let me know if you are reading this.


  1. Yeah, I'm at about the same point. And I also didn't think I'd be reviewing so much this year.

  2. I'm reading! I'm at 13 games judged (and one betatested), but it's a lot easier when I don't plan to publish reviews for all of them (though I may post some at IFDB when it's all over). Keep going, you can do it!