Thursday, October 1, 2015

IF Comp 2015 predictions

The IF comp 2015 entries were posted earlier today, so anyone is free to doubt that I wrote these predictions before the posting.  But I did.  I will be posting reviews this year, as I play them, but lets start with the predictions.

There will be 45 games this year.  Fewer than 20 of them will be traditional parser type games.

I anticipate a wider range in the quality of Twine games this year, both better and worse.

The lowest scoring entry will be a Twine game, something that looks like it was written in under two minutes.

The highest scoring entry will be a parser game, with a light comic subject matter, written by a seasoned author who has already scored in the top five of this competition with one of their earlier games.

But there will also be at lest one CYOA game in the top five this year, a game which really pushes the limits of the medium.  I'm looking for a CYOA game that offers the player as much choice and agency as a well written parser game, without the headache of having to interact with a parser.  I'm looking for a CYOA game which remembers what the player has done in the past, what they've picked up, who they've spoken to and who they've pissed off.  I'm looking for a CYOA game which could not have been presented in book form.

There will be at least six entries this year that deal with gender non-conformity.  The best of these will be by Porpentine.

There will be at least two games in each of the following themes:  amnesia, cave crawl, drug use, empty apartment, space opera, school, zombie planet.   At least one game will incorporate three or more of these themes within the same game.

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