Friday, October 2, 2015

Past IF comp reviews

In the past, I've recorded my reviews in a lot of different forums and under several different aliases.  Looking forward, I plan to make this my home.  "Doug Egan" isn't my real name either, but I've been using it long enough to write about IF or publish my own that I regard this as my legal pseudonym for fiction and hobby writing.

Here are links to my past IF comp reviews:

2015 reviews:  right here
2014 reviews:  I didn't write many.  You can find a few notes in a message I wrote on Emily Short's blog.
2013 reviews:  right here
2012 reviews:  I may not have written any reviews that year
2010 reviews: That year I published some fairly lengthy reviews under the alias "Cup of Joe".  I really like that blog title.  I should have kept it.
2009 reviews: I published a few reviews under the alias George Penrose.
2008 reviews: I was an author in 2008, and recorded my fairly comprehensive reviews on the author's discussion page.  That page has since been removed.  Never fear, the internet wayback machine remembers everything. (on the other hand, maybe the internet wayback machine is something we should fear).
2007 reviews: I posted reviews on a google groups forum

I started playing the ifcomp in 2003.  Blogging was not as common back then, and prior to 2007 there was still a "no discussion" rule in place during the competition.  If I wrote anything about the games between 2003-2006, it would have been only a few brief notes on one of the listservs.  I would not know where to find those comments now.

Looking back at those old games, I should mention, "Primrose Path", 2nd place winner of the 2006 competition, ranked as one of my favorite games of that decade.

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