Thursday, October 1, 2015

TOMBs of Reschette (Review)

"TOMBs of Reschette" is a web based hyper-link style game by Richard Goodness entered in the 2015 Interactive Fiction Competition.

(Following, from the blurb)
Hello, young adventurer! If you're looking for the finest treasure, monster, and exploration experience around, why not come on down to the TOMBs of Reschette!
--Earn XP, Dubloons, and Gems, like any good adventurer!
--Solve the mysteries in the Crypt of Mysteries!
--Learn the tragic story of Vanity's Dowager!
--Slay various monsters...and eat them!
--Kick back in the library with a good book!
Be careful, young adventurer! The TOMBs are a dangerous place and you have no idea what kind of horrible deaths could lie in store for you!

The blurb and cheesy cover art suggests an 80's style cave crawl.  This might not have been my first choice based on first impressions, but it was the first game that was served to me in random order.  Review after the break

TOMBs of Reschette is a campy cave crawl, written in intentionally retro, low-res font.

I was able to kill the boss monster after a few turns on my first play through.  This lead me to wonder if TOMBs wasn't just a shallow joke game.  But on subsequent play-throughs I realized that there were about a dozen rooms in all, entertaining stories to discover, and even some simple puzzles to solve.  This game is even mildly amusing in places, but I began to wish the author had taken himself more seriously and presented the work in a more readable, modern font.  I don't think this game will place in the top half of the competition, but it has some worth while moments.

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